About Mako-Technologies


Mako-Technologies offers an array of custom management solutions that drive your business processes toward optimal efficiency and cost savings. With a large focus on the creation and development of mobility management software solutions that help mobile operators, businesses and field service providers remotely activate, manage and update secure information.

Mako-Technologies software solutions allow businesses and individuals to be mobile, be green or simply go paperless. Our management solutions deliver advanced software across many industries including Financial Services, Public Sectors and Legal Services to name a few. Mako-Technologies also provides a variety of innovative tools that meet the many demands of the HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Industries. These tools are able to maintain or capture a wealth of information and display it in various reports, tables or dashboards so all levels of users can quickly obtain information that they need from any location.

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President and Founders


Andrew Makoid

Andrew Makoid President of Mako Technologies Inc. has a variety of business experience. He was certified as a Test and Balance Technician by NEBB in 2012, has worked as technical support supervisor for a ISP, and worked a variety of construction technology related jobs. His hands on approach along with an in depth knowledge of leading efficiency processes and mechanical & industrial inadequacies has attributed to the success of Mako Technologies.

Michael Makoid, PH.D

Dr. Makoid is an instrumental part in founding Mako-Technologies. As a retired professor of Pharmacology at the Creighton University School of Medicine, he is a valuable creative contributor to the projects we create and is instrumental in administrative support for the company. Working beside his son Andrew, he is able to promote the growth and development of not only Mako-Technologies but every client we serve.

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